Detención del principal líder de la oposición en Letonia




Police in Latvia has arrested the country's main opposition leader, Mr Aldis Gobzems, in a violent raid on his party's pre-election tour while meeting with his supporters in the central Latvian town of Tukums (06 Diciembre 2021).

Mr Gobzems was eventually dragged into the police car by riot police. Mr Gobzems is a member of the Latvian parliament and has been a vocal critic against the current prime minister Mr Karins and the president of Latvia Mr Levits. 

He accuses the current government of embezzling public funds under the cover of fighting the COVID pandemics. Mr Gobzems has been also voicing against segregation of Latvian citizens by introducing vaccination against COVID certificates. 

Mr Gobzems is the chairman of the political party Likums Kārtība (Law and Order) supporting the change of the current government, advocating civil liberties outlined by the constitution of the Republic of Latvia as well as stepping up against increased bureaucratization, injustice and embezzlement of public funds; policies pursued by Krisjanis Karins government. 

The police have not formally brought forward any charges against Mr Gobzems and have kept him in custody up until now.

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